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- With its modern and sophisticated design designed by Drudi Performance on an Arai basis, it is thought to be worn on the handlebars of a naked motorcycle, characterized by an upright riding position

- Ultra-resistant and light shell in super fiber available in 3 sizes (ECE)

- Patented inner shell in EPS with multiple densities characterized by more or less compact areas depending on the position

- Visor system featuring VAS (Variable Axis System) technology to provide a wide field of vision, ensuring optimum visibility from any riding angle

- Removable and washable interior - High-performance ventilation system, which circulates around 14 liters of air per minute inside the shell

- The helmet comes with a transparent screen.

Outside SFL (Super Fiber Laminate). This is the basic outer shell of Arai which is sometimes referred to as “Standard Fiber” even though it is indeed Super Fiber. Super fiber offers better comfort compared to other materials used for the shell, but it is nevertheless robust and light
Interior Facial Contour System (FCS). Helmet easier to put on thanks to an elastic foam support in the jaw pads which compresses and expands. Maxillary pads protect the jaw and cheekbones instead of just covering the cheek area. The FCS system provides better comfort, with secure support over a larger area, ensuring extraordinary stability and comfort with minimal pressureRemovable, washable and hypoallergenic interior
Screen Wider screen for perfect peripheral vision: the wider opening of the visor offers a wider field of vision which translates into optimal visibility when corneringAnti-scratch and anti-fog CE approved thermoformed screenVAS screen (patented) with internal support for V-Shield screen, 5 mm longer and 10 mm wider than the previous model
More Loudspeaker housingsRacing closure with double-D buckle and safety snap button on the chin strapThe four front air intakes and the four side extractors, thanks to the air flow created, ensure effective ventilation, which makes the helmet very comfortable. In the specific case, the key element is represented by the side ducts inside the chin bar, which extract hot air and are connected directly to the internal part of the helmet through ducts located behind the cheek pads. .
Linea prodotto Ducati
Materials: FiberComposite fibers


Optional accessories:

LIGHT SMOKE RACING SCREEN 3D RX-7V 981033251 78.89 € incl.

RX-7V DARK SMOKE 3D RACING SCREEN 981033252 78.89 € incl.

PINLOCK® RX7V DKS159 VAS-V MAXVIS TRANSP 981018734 € 29.89 incl.

RX-7V CLEAR 3D RACING SCREEN 981033253 78.89 € incl.

RX-7V MECHANISMS KIT 981033257 € 7.79 incl.

RX-GP MECHANISM KIT SCREWS 981002752 € 2.59 incl.

BLACK STEEL RATCHET COVER (PAIR) 981071004 € 34.70 incl.

SUP RENEGADE VENTILATIONS (PAIR) 981071007 € 29.74 incl.

REAR WIND RENEGADE 981071008 24.78 € incl.