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The technology and technical characteristics specially designed by Arai for sport driving combine with a modern and aggressive design, produced by Drudi Performance exclusively for Ducati to create a helmet with a biting and distinctly racing look.
The outer shell in composite fiber protects the rider against impact and dissipates impact energy thanks to its smooth surface. The "Peripherally Belted" structure, placed at the top of the opening for the eyes, reinforces the rigidity of the shell, which makes it even more resistant.
Patented and made in multiple density EPS with more or less compact areas depending on the position, the inner shell also stands out for its skillful construction and impeccable finish.
The thermoformed and CE approved visor, anti-scratch and anti-fog, offers the pilot a wide field of vision thanks to the VAS technology: the increased width guarantees a perfect peripheral vision, to face each turn at the right angle. Maximum safety and top performance for this helmet which also stands out for its exceptional comfort and driving feeling, thanks to the FCS system, which gives it an extremely comfortable fit, reduced pressure and high ventilation, for stability and performance. maximum at high speed.
The sliding closure of the vents reduces the level of aerodynamic noise, increasing rider comfort as well as longevity and waterproofness.
Added to this is the removable interior made of high-quality, hypoallergenic Eco-Pure® fabric and the ventilated and replaceable padding on the neck.
The advanced opening mechanism derived from the automotive industry and the elastic FCS foam backing make it easy to wear. The helmet is enhanced by the Ducati Corse logo, which gives an inimitable touch of class to the aggressive graphic design, in true Ducati style. The ideal companion to fully enjoy the thrill of the racing experience.

The helmet comes with a clear transparent and smoked visor. Reference model: ARAI - ECE RX-7V; USA Corsair-X; JAP RX-7X; CHN RX-7X * not available for ECE version

Outside Shell PB-SNC2 (Structural Net Composite) adding rigidity to the resin in the different layers of fibers and reinforcing materials inside the shell"Peripherally Belted SNC" shell: this protective and reinforcing band surrounds the upper area of the shell thereby increasing its rigidity
Interior Facial Contour System (FCS). Helmet easier to put on thanks to an elastic foam support in the jaw pads which compresses and expands. Maxillary pads protect the jaw and cheekbones instead of just covering the cheek area. The FCS system provides better comfort, with secure support over a larger area, ensuring extraordinary stability and comfort with minimal pressureRemovable lining in Eco-Pure® fabric with extremely small structure
Screen Wider screen for perfect peripheral vision: the wider opening of the visor offers a wider field of vision which translates into optimal visibility when corneringAnti-scratch and anti-fog CE approved thermoformed screenVAS screen (patented) with internal support for V-Shield screen, 5 mm longer and 10 mm wider than the previous model
More Arai Side Air Channel - Side Air Ducts (ASAC). Aspiration effect from the opening, at eye level, at the lateral ductRacing closure with double-D buckle and safety snap button on the chin strapDiffuser with optimized aerodynamics to improve stability and efficiency at high speedsSide Duct 6 lateral extractor with aerodynamic contour for more stability at high speedsReplaceable neck roll with vent. Easy to put down and put back on for thorough washing or replacement. With vent on the neck to promote the evacuation of hot air from the inside. Increases the effect of the ventilation of the lower part of the helmetIC duct 5 top air intake with 11% increased airflow efficiency compared to the previous modelVentilations with a new slider closure that reduces aerodynamic noise increasing durability and waterproofing
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Optional accessories:

LIGHT SMOKE RACING SCREEN 3D RX-7V 981033251 78.89 € incl.

RX-7V DARK SMOKE 3D RACING SCREEN 981033252 78,89 € incl.

RX-7V CLEAR 3D RACING SCREEN 981033253 78,89 € incl.

PINLOCK® RX7V DKS159 VAS-V MAXVIS TRANSP 981018734 29,88 € incl.

RX-7V 2D DARK SMOKE RACING SCREEN 981033254 78,89 € incl.

CLEAR RACING 2D RACING RX-7V SCREEN 981033255 78,89 € incl.

2D RACING SCREEN TEAR-OFF KIT (5 PIECES) 981033256 14,87 € incl.

RX-GP MECHANISM KIT SCREWS 981002752 2.59 € incl.

RX-7V MECHANISMS KIT 981033257 7,79 € incl.

DC V5 HELMET RATCHET COVER 981071356 34,99 € incl.

FRONT UPPER DELTA BLACK 981040500 19,99 € incl.

BLACK CHIN AIR INTAKE RX-7V 981033260 7,00 € incl.

NOSE PROTECTOR RX-7V 981033259 14.43 € incl.

AIRWING BLACK SPOILER FOR 82-84 CAPS 981071357 14,87 € incl.

AIRWING BLACK SPOILER FOR 86 (M 981071358 13,39 € incl.

UPPER AIR INTAKE (PAIR) - CAP 981072570 98,18 € incl.

UPPER AIR INTAKE (PAIR) - CAP 981072571 98,18 € incl.

UPPER AIR INTAKE (PAIR) - CAP 981072572 98,18 € incl.