Full face helmet Ducati Speed Evo Carbon

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The new Speed Evo helmet, produced by X-Lite, is the full-face racing helmet with high carbon content designed for the Ducatiste who loves sporty driving and always seeks excellence.

The outer shell, made of resistant and light fiber, is available in 3 sizes. The wide field of vision, thanks to excellent lateral visibility, ensures increased driving comfort.

High aerodynamic lift, wide and practical air intakes and excellent static and dynamic comfort: these are some of the characteristics that distinguish this top-of-the-range helmet whose captivating graphics have been produced by Drudi Performance exclusively for Ducati.

Outside Shell in three sizesUltra Carbon outer shell with high carbon content
Interior Emergency extraction system: cheek pads and neck cover can be removed in seconds thanks to an exclusive emergency release systemOne-piece cheek covers. The internal expansive foam paddings of the cheek covers are designed to ensure even pressure and consistent performance. Over time, these paddings prove to be much superior compared to conventional padding. In addition to this, the fillings can be pulled out from the relative fabric linings, making them easier to wash.Removable, washable and hypoallergenic interior
Screen Double action. Device allowing the visor to be blocked (to prevent accidental opening at high speeds) or its demisting at low speeds or in the event of stopping (thanks to a very small opening on it).Transparent polycarbonate screen with anti-fog systemPinlock® anti-fog internal lens. Its exclusive and patented adjustment system makes it possible to adjust the position of the visor (Pinlock®) by acting from the outside of the visor, without having to remove it.
More RAF ventilation system (RACING AIR FLOW). The result of a long series of experiments and tests carried out in the wind tunnel and on the track, this system consists of: upper air intakes with diffused air supply; front air intake with direct air supply; high-flow air intake at the chin guard with demisting function; front protection with integrated aerodynamic exhaust; side extractors for the evacuation of air; rear extractor integrated in an aerodynamic spoiler with variable profile (ASD - Adjustable Stability Device).
Linea prodotto Ducati
Materials: FiberComposite fibers


Optional accessories:

CLEAR 3D VISOR 981043053 48.10 € incl.

SMOKE 3D VISOR 981043054 48.10 € incl.

SILVER 3D VISOR 981043055 70.42 € incl.

CLEAR 2D VISOR 981043056 55.54 € incl.

2D SMOKE VISOR 981043057 55.54 € incl.

2D VISOR TEAR-OFF KIT 981043058 25.29 € incl.