Thunder Pro full face helmet

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The helmet is supplied with a Pro Shade visor. 

Innovation and tradition merge into the Thunder Pro helmet:

the typical shapes of the Quantum ST Pro shell create a unique element, characterized by the interior in Eco-pure fabric which guarantees maximum comfort to the rider.

Characterized by an aggressive matte finish, the design features a texture on the sides reminiscent of asphalt and expertly dosed Ducati red color details.

This model also comes standard with the Pro Shade System, a folding sun visor combined with a transparent screen which guarantees better visibility and greater protection.


Outside Hyper Ridge: Reinforcement ribs that surround the bottom of the shell, increase strength and lower the barycenter of the helmetScLc (Super complex Laminate construction). 40% stronger than standard fiberglass in terms of flexural strength and extension. Two layers of Super Fiber, an intermediate layer of special fiber. The middle layer is made of a very resistant and lightweight chemical fiber, exclusive to Arai
Interior Emergency extraction system: cheek pads and neck cover can be removed in seconds thanks to an exclusive emergency release systemFacial Contour System (FCS). Helmet easier to put on thanks to an elastic foam support in the jaw pads which compresses and expands. Maxillary pads protect the jaw and cheekbones instead of just covering the cheek area. The FCS system provides better comfort, with secure support over a larger area, ensuring extraordinary stability and comfort with minimal pressureThinner central internal paddingRemovable lining in Eco-Pure® fabric with extremely small structure
Screen Mechanism cover. They cover the mechanisms of the screen and guarantee the maximum robustness of the shell, at the same time allowing a uniform dispersion of the impact energy without forming furrows on the surface of the shell.De-Mist Lock. The tab of the screen moves forward to open it and promotes the dispersion of any mistPro Shade System (PSS) as standard. The PSS offers a solution for any atmospheric condition against sun glare, excessive ambient light and fogging. The sun visor can be lowered and raised with a simple movement of the hand and is fixed in positionSuperAdSis LRS (Lever Release System). Allows you to replace the screen in seconds, without tools and without removing the mechanism covers. Screen cleaning and replacement has never been easier
More Racing closure with double-D buckle and safety snap button on the chin strapDouble air intake. Designed to promote airflow and reduce noise, circulating cool air inside the helmetOne-piece rear vent. Eliminates more hot air from inside the helmet and improves aerodynamicsSide vents. Produce gentle pressure behind the rear vent to promote dispersal of hot air. Integrated into the shell for aerodynamic reasons, they reduce wind noise and prevent sideways shaking during high-speed taxiing. The interior features a small foam edge that promotes absorption and reduces excessive noise, without reducing ventilation performanceFFS (Free Flow System). Creates an air flow inside the helmet which reduces noise due to wind and turbulence, at the same time increasing the discharge of hot airReplaceable neck roll with vent. Easy to put down and put back on for thorough washing or replacement. With vent on the neck to promote the evacuation of hot air from the inside. Increases the effect of the ventilation of the lower part of the helmetAir intake on the chin with three positions which favors the demisting of the screen and offers fresh air to the pilotFront air intakes. Fresh air can enter straight across the forehead and temples without requiring openings in the critical frontal area of the shell