Cool Down Long Sleeve Seamless T-Shirt

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Gray and unisex.

Designed by Drudi Performance exclusively for Ducati - Lightweight, elastic, breathable piece, with reduced seams, which ensures an optimal fall without limiting freedom of movement - Made of Dryarn® fabric, it has large mesh zones to optimize body breathing and remove excess heat from the parts of the body that sweat the most - Specially designed to be worn under a sports jacket in hot weather.

Outside Low absorption Dryarn fabric (90% PA - 5% PPL - 5% EA)
Comfort Does not charge with static electricityElastic fabricMicro-mesh zones inserted in places that sweat the mostReinforced areas with specific design for motorcyclist use
More Wrinkle-resistant, does not require ironingSelf-extinguisher: does not feed the fireNo allergic reactionsDoes not absorb water, moisture and sweat. Maintains constant body temperature
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Linea prodotto Ducati
Materials: Dryarn®Fabric