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Because we think about your safety and comfort on a motorcycle, the Smart Jacket is the product for you.

Lightweight and ventilated, it can be worn over or under the motorcycle jacket with protections, for an increased level of safety. The autonomous D-air airbag system is water resistant, does not require cables or connections to the motorcycle and is distinguished by its exclusive bag patented by Dainese which, thanks to a microfilament structure, guarantees uniform and controlled inflation, and homogeneous protection on all areas of the vest. This state-of-the-art system is also equipped with a 7-sensor control unit that monitors and processes data 1000 times per second and activates the airbag in the event of a slip, high side, impact with an object or another. vehicle, collision, or collision even when the vehicle is stationary. The piece is completed by the outer polyester mesh resistant to abrasion, traction and pilling, and reflective inserts for better visibility.

The excellent performance in terms of safety is not the only advantage of this article, which is also extremely comfortable, thanks in particular to the stretch fabric at the hips for a perfect fit, the possibility of width adjustment and the two pockets. external practices.

Available in men's and women's versions, this vest offers maximum comfort to all. Plus, it's easy to fold, so it can be stored away without taking up too much space. If the airbag is activated, the BC system can be repaired by replacing the inner bag at an authorized Ducati dealer.

Its discreet look, enhanced by the Ducati logo and red inserts, makes it perfectly compatible with all other protective clothing. The reflex inserts increase the visibility of the pilot in bad weather or in low light. The perfect ally to get on the handlebars and think of nothing but enjoying the trip.

Outside Polyester outer mesh resistant to abrasion, traction and pillingStretch fabric at the hips
Interior Fixed inner nylon net
Comfort Adjustable widthLightweight, breathable, easy to pack up, waterproof, to wear over and under any jacket and suitable for any setting
More 2 external pocketsReflective insertsBag patented by Dainese which, thanks to a microfilament structure, guarantees a homogeneous and controlled inflation, ensuring the same level of protection on every centimeter of the vest
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