Summer C3 fabric-leather gloves

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Born from the collaboration with Spidi, these gloves are intended for summer use in urban areas: ventilated, ergonomic and unmistakably Ducati.

The exterior is made from a blend of elastic fabrics, microfiber and 3D mesh, to offer the rider maximum comfort and direct ventilation, optimized in particular by the polyurethane knuckle guards. CE certified, they have microfiber reinforcements on the side of the hand and on the palm for better protection, as well as elastic inserts for a better fit.

The adjustable velcro closure at the wrist and the presence at the end of the index finger of a material compatible with touch screens also make them very practical. Characterized by a minimalist but muscular look, they are distinguished by a red band with the Ducati logo, which makes them immediately recognizable. A concentrate of comfort and style that will not go unnoticed.

Outside Blend of elastic fabrics, microfiber and 3D mesh to ensure a comfortable fit and excellent ventilation
Interior Lining 100% polyester
Comfort 100% ventilatedElastic inserts
More Velcro adjustable wrist closurePulp of the tactile index
Washing symbols     
Linea prodotto Ducati