SuMisura - Custom Leather Suit

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 Watch the video - Ducati SuMisura project


Play with the configurator

Choose the model that best meets your needs and combine the colors of the panels until you achieve the configuration that suits you. Add logos, numbers and letters to make your project unique and inimitable. Save the PDF or send it directly to your Ducati dealer. If you want to show it to your friends, share it on social media!

Send the draft to your dealer

Draft your model using the configurator and send the pdf to your trusted dealer who will contact you to order the custom garment.

Your wetsuit can be made in both standard and custom sizes; If you choose the "su misura" (tailor-made) option, your dealer will arrange an appointment for you with a specialist tailor.

Confirm the technical draft

Through the dealer, your draft will be sent to Ducati and shared with Dainese, who will make a technical drawing for approval. Until then, your order is not confirmed and you can still make changes to the colors and lettering. Don't be afraid to ask: we're here to give you the exclusive combination you've always dreamed of.

Order your wetsuit

When you are satisfied with the result, confirm the technical draft with your dealer. It is from this moment that the production of your SuMisura suit will be launched! Depending on the time of year, it takes between 8 and 12 weeks to receive it.

Pick up your suit from the dealer

As soon as the suit is delivered to your dealer, you will receive a confirmation call: you can finally pick up your SuMisura suit! We ask for one last effort of you: take a few minutes to try it out in the store. This will allow you to verify that the conformation is correct and that there are no faults. Wear it with the protection you usually use and try it on in the riding position. Share your feelings with the dealer, this will allow us to improve the service and the products we offer you.


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